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Free shipping on all orders over $49.95 + Easy return if needed.
Free shipping on all orders over $49.95 + Easy return if needed.

About Us

GreenScreenPlus is an innovative company specializing in the design, construction, and selling of high quality Green Screen Backgrounds. Not only do we design top quality green screen, we also contracted with manufactures to bring you related green screen supplies for your home office, home school, for your YouTube videos, or your video game room.

The GreenScreenPlus Chromakey Background is by far the best Webcam backdrop you will find on the market. It is just what you need in your work-from-home toolkit if you want to maintain a solid professional image when conducting meetings from home.

Our Green Screen Backdrops were designed and constructed with you in mind. Not everyone has the luxury of having a large, fancy office at home for work. Some of us don’t even have a small one, we just have to use whatever area we can find at the moment. With our collapsible Green Screen Backgrounds for chair, a small area is good enough. They are thicker than other green screens we've seen around. Just simply attach the GreenScreenPlus Webcam background to your chair wherever you are to create a quick, easy, beautiful, professional, background setup.