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Free shipping on all orders over $49.95 + Easy return if needed.
Top 3 Green Screen On The Market

Top 3 Green Screen On The Market

Green screen is synonymous with movie industries because it allows them to create a solid backdrop that enhances the picture but can also be removed. Today the green screen has moved from movie sets to homes, offices, and schools. People who use green screens use them to manage reflection and to give their videos a professional look.

Green screen applies to all facets of videography or photography. Whether you are looking to conduct a meeting, study, or shoot a personal video, a green screen is a creative addition if you are going online or shooting a live feed.

With so many brands on the market, how do you choose the best? In this article, we will discuss the top 3 green screens money can buy.

Get rid of the distracting background in your videos with the 2-in-1 green screen with a stand. This 2-in-1 allows you to choose which color best suits your video any time of the day. The design allows the screen to stay put without an additional support frame. 

Although the fabric is sewn into the frame, it is collapsible, making it portable.

If your video is on the go, this popup reversible green screen with a stand will make every backdrop cleaner, smart, and professional.


  • Comes in two colors to suit your mood and purpose – blue and green
  • The frame brackets are stable, ensuring they stay put during use
  • Fabric is durable and super absorbent, taking away excess light from ruining your shots

Whether you need a better imagining effect or just want your listeners to pay attention to you, the 2-in-1 popup green screen with a stand is all you need.

Square-Shape Collapsible Green Screen for chairs

With the pandemic, students and workers are tasked with studying and working from home. While this is good for some, it creates a huge distraction for others, especially during a zoom call or other video meetings.

The green screen is the best way to make your space professional and ready for the meet. This square-shaped green screen comes with a pocket section that slides over the backrest, holding the screen in place.


  • Material is durable, anti-shrink, easy to clean, and collapsible
  • There is a thin, flexible frame sewn into the edge of the fabric keeping the square in shape
  • Its unique pocket design makes it suitable for most chairs

Give your background a professional look, whether as a student or worker. Now you can concentrate on your meeting or study without distractions.

V-Shape Green Screen for chair

If you would prefer a different shape for your shots, then this v-shape green screen is just right. It folds coy around the chair, giving your videos a professional look. The v-shape green screen, like others, has the following features.


  • It’s lightweight, thin, and collapsible
  • It’s affordable for students and YouTubers on the go
  • It’s flexible, convenient, and portable

If you love shooting video, then the green screen is a tool you cannot do without. However, with so many green screens on the market, these 3 are just what you need for streaming, photography, vlogging, schooling, and shooting short videos. For green screens that appeal to your need, try green screens from Green Screen Plus.

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