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How Does A Green Screen Work?

How Does A Green Screen Work?

Movie and television companies are continually thankful for the invention of the green screen. News channels frequently use green screens for their backgrounds.  We all know how extinct dragons have become, but still, they are significant characters in Game of Thrones.  The green screen effect makes it easy for videographers to bring any fictional character to life. Epic battles and houses that don't exist in real life are put on the screen using a green screen. It is currently making an impact in the lives of YouTubers. What bothers the mind the most is how does a green screen work? 

Green screen backgrounds allow you to change the scene in your videos, which depends on the overall mood you want from the video. Green screens need to be placed behind the subject you try to capture because it replaces the original solid colored background. Using a green screen can be a complication for a beginner, but here are some green screen tips and tricks. 

1. Set up even lightning 

The green background has to be a solid color for the chroma key software to work correctly. If the lighting isn't set correctly on your green screen, the effect appears darker when editing. Lightning is an essential factor because it helps to expose the green screen background evenly.

2. Avoid harsh shadows 

The best way to avoid harsh shadows is by putting a distance between the subject/human and the green screen background. The subject does not have to stand directly in front of the green screen background as it reduces the brightness. Let the subject and background have a few miles of separation.

3. Set a high shutter speed

It is unpleasant to have a blur motion video. It ruins the green screen effect. Set your camera shutter in a high dimensions especially when filming a YouTube video. There should be less motion in front of the green screen. Also, the camera shutter set to be in a high mode causes the subject's exposure or image in front of the green screen.

4. Adjust camera ISO 

When the ISO of the camera is too high, it makes the video have a grainy feel. The setting of the ISO depends on the camera in use. Always check the manual of your camera to tweak the settings. Adjust your camera to a native ISO as it helps increase exposure and works well with a green screen.

Good knowledge of photography and videography is the first step to working the green screen effect. If your subject/human gets adequately placed, you are ready to blow minds when it comes to filmmaking.

5. Put your subject in contrasting colors

Imagine wearing green to sit in front of a green screen. When editing your video, it becomes a problem because you blend in the background. To avoid mistakes while editing videos with the green screen effect, your subject should avoid wearing any shade of green. Suppose you have proper knowledge of video editing. In that case, you can use green colors in parts to give a particular desired effect. 

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